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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy with Shira Cohen, learn what it is and how it can transform your life and your loved ones lives. A story, a passion and a practice to empower.

Jan 26, 2022

Vidya Lakshmi, a doctor of physiotherapy, naturopathy and Yogic science, is a believer of Healthy People Healthy World.

Vidya's just as passionate to educate people about self-regulation through natural means of body, breath and food as medicine.

She shares how the eight limbs, or steps of Yoga, as a means to work with yoga as therapy, to affect our physiology, change our hormonal health and improve cellular intelligence.

Explaining how our very own bodies make the medicine, called hormones, is within us. Yet everyone is searching outside themselves due to ignorance. 

With a very thorough explanation of the connection between eating habits, fasting and chrocnic disease. And how traditional Indian medicine successfully aids recovery in COVID cases.

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