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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy with Shira Cohen, learn what it is and how it can transform your life and your loved ones lives. A story, a passion and a practice to empower.

Jul 28, 2021

Sharon Greenspan, international speaker and health coach, certified yoga therapist, and board certified holistic health practitioner, shares her story and powerful work with Shira to empower people to move out of dependency.

Sharon takes us through a practice to show how to move out of discomfort, and the fastest way to move out of acute anxiety attack is engaging the five senses to get back into our body when we dissassociate. 

We talk about energy, breath, physiology, neuroenergetics,  the water in our body as a conduit for electricity and energy. How coaching and talking through to challenege beliefs, mindsets and patterns of self-perception.

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An article about PTSD (it's not just for veteran's):
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